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Merry Christmas

Violin greetings from Santa

Click on Santa for a Colourstrings Christmas greeting all the way from Finland


Colourstrings Violin Camp 2014

2 Colourstrings Violin students Playing Violin

Colourstrings Violin Camp Performance Summer 2014

The summer kicked off with our first ever Colourstrings Violin Camp at Music 4 Mini Maestros. This was a great opportunity for children to sample a block of Colourstrings violin lessons alongside others who have been learning for a while. After 5 days of fun and games the week was brought to an end with a wee performance allowing us to showcase some of the great Colourstrings repertoire and show parents what we’d being learning . The week was a huge success: a great chance for some regular ensemble playing for the more experienced children and an opportunity to offer good support to the others as they started out. Due to the enthusiasm of everyone involved we hope to repeat the camp each year as well as developing some Colourstrings Children’s Clubs during term time which would allow a similar opportunity over weekend sessions.
Colourstrings Violin Trio

Warming up with scales

Colourstrings Violin Pupil

Look what I can do mum!

Family Fun at the Concert Hall

What a great day at the Royal concert Hall Family Fun Day. Inside the Ice Palace we explored and created a magical soundscape. Keeping a constant pulse we played loud and soft, fast and slow and we learnt to stop and start. This was all directed and inspired by Children’s Classic Concerts’ very own Owen and Olly.