Music 4 Mini Maestros Colourstrings Classes

Music 4 Mini Maestros provides music classes for children from babies up to 6 years of age and beyond. Starting in the kindergarten the children are introduced to a huge repertoire of  songs and rhymes through musical games and dances. The classes are brought alive using puppets, scarves, bubbles, balls, parachutes and other colourful props. Children are introduced to all the basic concepts of music such as pulse, pitch, rhythm, loud/soft, fast/ slow, and high/low. They learn to sing well, read basic musical notation and develop a firm foundation which will last them a lifetime. Classes are held in Bearsden Fridays and Mondays and the Westend on Thursday. Colourstrings violin tuition is also offered for older children.

Research in recent years has proved beyond doubt that singing & repeating rhymes with movement has an extremely positive effect on a child’s development in many ways

Singing with your child can:

Help develop your child’s speech

Increase your child’s understanding of language

Enhances your child’s ability to memorise

Create a sense of security

Help to develop listening skills

Enhance social interaction

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Even on your busiest days, you can find ten minutes for violin.

Ten minutes might seem like nothing, but you can pack in a lot of practicing into those ten minutes if you plan it right. And, believe it or not, a student who practices ten minutes every day will make more progress than a student who practices an hour one day a week. That’s because when it comes to developing the skills needed to play the violin, consistent repetition is key.

Welcome back everyone!


Welcome back to Music 4 Mini Maestros Colourstrings Classes!

Great to see you all again and what a great start to the year. 

One of my favourite stages of development here at Music 4  Mini Maestros

is when our wee 2 – 3 year olds graduate into the 3 – 4 year old class. 

What a great group we have this year: 

  • First class back and you all sat on your own, allowing mums to have a quiet coffee at Massimos. 
  • You all sang out and joined in well.
  • Great drumming in our orchestra.

I’m really excited to be working with you all! 

Mums: here are some of the songs and rhymes we worked on today because I know you are going to be feeling left out: 

Caterpillar crawling round (ss mm ss m)

Trying not to make a sound (ss mm ss m)

Comes a blackbird from the sky (ss mm ss m)

Caterpillar say goodbye (sf mr dd d )

Hope you can decipher the solfa

Here’s a rhyme: Hush little baby 

The suns in the West

The sheep in the meadow 

Have lain down to rest

Starlight star bright

First star I see tonight

Wish I may

Wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight